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If you’d like to choose items from more than one store, then please select $8.99 (Mix & Match Delivery Fee) just at checkout. 

And we will try our best to deliver as soon as possible – Same Day Delivery Promise 🙂

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Fresh produce directly from your local farm market. Tiny Shelf Life & Healthy !
Choose from over 240 popular products and filter them by category.
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Home of Sri Lankan & South Indian Grocery.
Authentic Indian Kulcha
An Indian Delicacy WORTH trying - Stuffed Potatoes and Spices Roasted to Perfection in a Clay Oven & Topped with Butter.

Why Banana Pepper ?

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Most frequent questions and answers

Currently, we deliver in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and Surrey. Just enter your address during checkout, and select the applicable delivery fee for your area. 

We charge a small delivery fee for each city.

$3.99 for Richmond

$4.99 for Surrey

$5.99 for Vancouver and Burnaby

$6.99 for Vancouver (downtown)

$7.99 for North Vancouver

This is one of the lowest delivery fee for grocery delivery within Canada. 

No. Currently, we do not charge any taxes. This enables our customers to save about 7-12% on their purchases (on applicable products) compared to what you would pay in-store, or on another platform, making Banana Pepper even more affordable for our customers. 

At the moment, we deliver groceries from Canadian Superstore and Farm Markets. We chose Canadian Superstore as we have tons of popular products (basically everything) that are well priced, and are easily available for our customers.

Secondly, you can also order from local farm markets. This option is very  good for customer who’d like to order just produce. The produce, fruits and vegetables, you get from local farm market is fresh as it sells quickly without being stored for days, and is generally lower priced than what is in regular grocery stores. 

Soon you would have an option of ordering groceries from other grocery stores as well. 

We have two main goals.

1. To make grocery delivery as affordable as possible while ensuring that we pay our shoppers and drivers above average wage.  

2. To provide the best customer experience. Customer experience to us means shopping experience, customer service, customer support  and order tracking. 

We welcome your feedback. Please feel free to email us on [email protected], text us on 778.922.5209, or chat with us.. 

No problems. We’re here to help you. Just type your questions in the chat box on the bottom right corner of the screen. Our support team will answer them for you. 

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